Friday, February 5, 2016

MIA For Awhile

Okay girls - I should tell you why I have been away for awhile.. it might surprise you though! Life has become quite a bit more hectic and busy for me. Are you sitting down?

Some things have happened that have forced me to re-evaluate much of my thought about how much money we spend on trying to make ourselves always beautiful - and I've been doing a lot of thinking about that. It's a lot of money when I added it all up! And with the life changes.. sometimes money is spent on other things.

Not that I don't enjoy wonderful products to make my eyes look good or my lips so very sensual.. ummm... my new husband enjoys that.

Ohoh.. Yes.. girls.. I did write husband! I got pregnant, and my fiance and I thought it best to make things official, and we got hitched.

To add to all the busy-ness of being pregnant and getting married, we moved into a larger place (oh.. it has three bathrooms - I love it!) and then, I delivered Angelica - yes.. a girl! Angelica my baby was born very healthy, has her father's eyes and my lips, and is absolutely beautiful.

So that is why I have been away for so long. I hope you are happy for me? :) xo

Angelica I can tell, is just going to love getting into my lipsticks and mascaras - she will be taking after me, I know.

But I'll be there for her, helping her to be a beauty!

I'm waiting for all your comments now.. if you are still following me! I will reply when I can (when I'm not changing diapers) and doing feedings. But now that I have more energy, I'll try to get back to this and keep in touch with you all on a much more regular fashion.

Speaking of fashion, what is the latest with you? I can't wait to hear!

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