Friday, February 5, 2016

MIA For Awhile

Okay girls - I should tell you why I have been away for awhile.. it might surprise you though! Life has become quite a bit more hectic and busy for me. Are you sitting down?

Some things have happened that have forced me to re-evaluate much of my thought about how much money we spend on trying to make ourselves always beautiful - and I've been doing a lot of thinking about that. It's a lot of money when I added it all up! And with the life changes.. sometimes money is spent on other things.

Not that I don't enjoy wonderful products to make my eyes look good or my lips so very sensual.. ummm... my new husband enjoys that.

Ohoh.. Yes.. girls.. I did write husband! I got pregnant, and my fiance and I thought it best to make things official, and we got hitched.

To add to all the busy-ness of being pregnant and getting married, we moved into a larger place (oh.. it has three bathrooms - I love it!) and then, I delivered Angelica - yes.. a girl! Angelica my baby was born very healthy, has her father's eyes and my lips, and is absolutely beautiful.

So that is why I have been away for so long. I hope you are happy for me? :) xo

Angelica I can tell, is just going to love getting into my lipsticks and mascaras - she will be taking after me, I know.

But I'll be there for her, helping her to be a beauty!

I'm waiting for all your comments now.. if you are still following me! I will reply when I can (when I'm not changing diapers) and doing feedings. But now that I have more energy, I'll try to get back to this and keep in touch with you all on a much more regular fashion.

Speaking of fashion, what is the latest with you? I can't wait to hear!

FOTD: Bright Lips For Spring!

Okay my pretties - here's an old one I was able to dig up. It was originally April 10th, 2010. Just in time for spring - well, today was a cold day and I'm ready for spring to start pretty soon! So let's at least get this one reposted.. and do you remember? :) That was sometime ago!

Here we go:

Spring is here! well... kind of! I'm sure in the mood for some brighter and prettier colours. Here's my take on the bright lips & neutral eye look. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!!

* I mixed my Missha BB cream with Guerlain's foundation cuz its a tad bit dark for me.

The rest of the products are pretty self explanatory so no need to list :)


1. Painterly paintpot
2. Lise watier eye liner in black
3. MUFE aqua eyes liner in 2L
4. MUFE brow gel in 4
5. Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Natural Smokes
6. Kiss me's volume & curl mascara


1. MAC hello kitty ls in strayin (LOVE!!! hollyannaeree also did a look with this lipstick, it looked gorg on her)

2. MAC HK lg in nice kitty

Here comes the cam-whoring.... (don't mind my messy hair and HK pjs haahhaha)

Starting All Over

As you can see, I let my blog slide and that was not a great idea. I've rethought my decision and miss it a lot, and will try to recover all the work that I have lost :(

It will take me some time to do that so bear with me as I go through my notes and try to figure everything out.

I hope all is well with everyone! Please feel free to leave a comment and I will try to respond as best as I can while I rebuild Phoebe's Style & Beauty!

It's been a pretty mild winter here in Toronto and fairly easy on  the skin! Not as bad as the past couple of years when venturing outside into the very dry cold meant lots and lots of moisturizer every single day!

Speaking of which, I'll have some great new tips on that - some natural amazing ways to keep your skin beautiful and soft - and that will actually protect your skin through any kind of weather - even those bitter -20C with howling winds kind of weather.

Okay, I'm going to get to work here and see what I can do to fix things up here. Stay with me ladies! (Oh, if you're a man, feel free to watch us keep ourselves beautiful! :) )